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We are on a mission to spread the word about the Bay Area film community and what better way to do that then to hear from the filmmakers themselves!


Matt Dooley

In an insightful interview on the TILÈ Shorts Roll to Feature Podcast, filmmaker Matt Dooley shared his journey from indie filmmaking in the Bay Area to developing his unique voice in the industry. Dooley, a writer-director, emphasized the power of film to create empathy without preaching, highlighting his multi-faceted role in bringing stories to life through writing, directing, and even engaging in sound design and editing. His passion for storytelling and dedication to exploring diverse narratives and characters offers an inspiring glimpse into the creative process behind indie filmmaking.


Alan Kim

Join Alan Kim on an illuminating journey through the creative process of filmmaking. In this exclusive interview, he shares his experiences directing "Land's End," from the challenges of working on a tight budget to the joy of capturing perfect moments on set. Dive into the mind of a filmmaker who believes in the power of storytelling and the dedication of a committed team, revealing the essence of making cinema with passion and purpose.


Jarvis Nguyen

Dive into the inspiring world of Jarvis Nguyen, a UC Berkeley biology major and a multi-talented filmmaker, in this exclusive interview.


Steven Zeng

Join us in this exclusive interview with Steven Zeng, the renowned Director of Photography for 'Lands End' and 'Overgrown.' Steven, a member of the CAP Club at UC Berkeley, delves into the captivating world of filmmaking while juggling his life as a student.


Sebastian Tobias Johnson-Deal

Sebastian, a filmmaker pushing boundaries, reveals the inspiration behind "Overgrown," a dystopian fable addressing the world we may leave behind for future generations. Discover Sebastian's vision for cinema, where breaking free from constructed ways of viewing the world is a victory.



Dexx Broughton

🌟 **Dexx Broughton: Cinematic Visionary of CineCTRL** 🌟

Explore the artistry of Dexx Broughton in our latest podcast. Discover the personal narrative behind his film "3am" and how his creations at CineCTRL are a reflection of life experiences. In a captivating segment, Dexx unveils his dream for CineCTRL as a hub for Bay Area filmmakers, offering a one-stop solution for creative collaboration.

🎧 Listen to the podcast for an inspiring dive into the world of Dexx Broughton and the magic of CineCTRL. 



Tony Gapastione

Join us in this insightful interview as we sit down with Tony Gapastione, the visionary founder of Brave Maker and the Brave Maker Academy. In this engaging conversation, Tony shares his unique perspective on the world of filmmaking, creativity, and the unconventional path he paved for actors through Brave Maker.


Alec Hernandez

Alec Hernadez speaks about his most recent film Breaking.



Bryan Hewitt & Theresa Harlan

Tamal-liwa: Welcoming Our Relative Home tells the story of the Felix family, a Támal-ko/Coast Miwok family, returning to deeper connection with their ancestral lands by inviting local people to form a community for the purpose of building a tule canoe. In the process, they honor their own ancestors and other Támal-ko families whose homelands are now called Point Reyes National Seashore.


Paul Johnstone

Versus: When Tom - the murderer of a crime lord's son surfaces - unarmed and willing to be taken into custody, assassin Ray Vincent is contracted to wreak bloody retribution. But Tom has leverage. Not only does he claim he is holding a vital hostage, but he has something else: A secret, one so dangerous and deeply buried that it could bring Mr Lee’s organization to its knees and alter the lives of Ray and Tom irrevocably. Threshold: When a seemingly normal malfunction occurs while trying to close his garage door, frustration changes to fear as Mike starts to believe that an invasive and sinister presence is closing in on his home.



Glovebox is about a teenager slowly gets possessed by the demon inside his first car. The Matarrese Bros. are twin film makers from the San Francisco Bay Area. They spent over a decade in the lighting department as a Gaffer & Key Grip duo, lighting films, TV shows, commercials, & music videos. They started writing their own projects and directed together for the first time in 2022.


Nader Bahu

Faith is about a disabled man who is losing faith after feeling he has lost everything. He needs an old friend to remind him who he is.


Risa Ferrer

New roommates seem to be complete opposites - but they might be a perfect match


Roomies Bonus Interview

New roommates seem to be complete opposites - but they might be a perfect match


Asha Bagal Kelley

Roomie Movie Night is a short about new roommates who seem to be complete opposites - but they might be a perfect match...


Mitchell Linden

Pretzel Logic (scene) is a scene from a proposed feature. Things become frayed between two long time business partners and they begin to lose trust. The Visit is about an 8 year old girl is left to navigate some very strange company.


Saurav Mohapatra

A Good Fight is an exiled warrior has to fight a challenger in ritual combat every fifteen years. Saurav is a writer and filmmaker based out of the San Francisco Bay Area. He's known for the crime-noir graphic novel "Mumbai Confidential" and the neo-noir short film "The First Rule"


Jeff Stone

Through words and pictures, go on a journey exploring the truth about trust. Is it about power, love, identity? These three impossibly, but possibly, connected vignettes scrutinize the nature of humanity, personhood, and emotion, while asking the question, “Who do you trust?".


Nino Ayadat

Nino, an accomplished writer and director, resides in the vibrant San Francisco Bay Area. In his latest cinematic creation titled Hunger, he delves into the poignant tale of a desperate man navigating the city's streets in search of sustenance. Miraculously, his path intertwines with a wallet harboring a secretive electronic chip, inadvertently dropped by a tech-savvy individual who had once demeaned him. The intricate workings of destiny reunite these two souls, paving the way for an unexpected encounter.

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